martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Ana Reis en Santa Coloma Spoken Word

photo: Alexandre Simões

ana reis' journey started in northern france. since then, she's been taking the life ride as a cultural researcher, performer, writer and traveller. some rides happen quite spontaneously, others appear to her first as visions and only then become reality.

she translates the world as it reveals to her. she carries it into words exploring different means and languages. she researched language from its musical roots, its sounds, flow, rhythm and loops, but has also been fascinated by the cultural ambiguities and understanding that derive from it and is looking for ways to embody language.

she's been finalist at the first and second Portuguese Poetry Slam in Lisbon (2009, 2010), attended the 1st European Poetry Slam in Berlin, has been part of a few spoken words projects (material eyes, social smokers) and has edited some of her songs and poems in Portugal (2008), Italy (2009) and Slovenia (2010).

at santa coloma spoken word, she'll be performing some of her most recent writings, which include “OLVIDA”, “DEIXA TOCAR”, “KICK MARKED TEAR OF AN ARC”, “MUDA”, “ACTO MU”, “TO HERE FROM YOU”. a mash-up of random thought provoking verses and rhymes fused in vocal expressions of time and again, riding the words that bind us all together, uncovering portuguese melodies and english breaks and rhythms.   


quero morder esse teu amor
amortecer-me em ti
mobilizar-me em ti

estuporo-me nua
desabafo o mito imortalizado
de corte incisivo


quero amachucar a dor
amarfanhar o pudor

peça a peça desarmar-te
com a vagareza em vigor
amordaçando a razão


quero empregar-me em ti
harmonizar desamores

amarro-me a ti
como quem vive de retorno
para vencer o mármore
e amor-te


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