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jimi lend - MAYÚSCULO siempre en minúsculas -

jimi lend

Johann Wolfgang Lampl aka Jimi Lend was born 1980 in Eibiswald, Southwest Styria, and grew up on the farms of his grandparents and in the City of Graz. I studied acting in Graz and was Champion of the Germanspeaking Actingschools Meeting 2002. After graduation in 2003 I founded the little drama boyz to develope and perform original plays and in the same year I moved to Vienna to live and work as a freelance actor and poet. In 2004 I started poetry slammin'. I participated and won slams in Austria, Germany & Switzerland. I developed and organised new poetry slam formats such as the Acceleration Slam (every round one poet drops out and the time of performance gets less until two poets fight out „the sentence of the evening“) and the Drama Slam (authors write short plays - actors perform prima vista - the audience decides) and was happy to present them not only in Vienna but also in Berlin and St Petersburg. I currently work for the selfinvented label & network  „Vitamins Of Society“ which stands for us artists as providers of healthful nutrition for the global social bodies.
In May 2010 I was directing the 'Drama Slam Revue', a compilation of the best Drama Slam texts ever and in the moment I'm directing the Fashion Show of an organic Jeans Label Start-Up in Vienna.
I'm singer of the psycadelic Funk Band: Lickedeela

As a poet I perform not only at slams but also on festivals, weddings, funerals and conventional lectures.
Internationally I was invited to the Absolute [Young] Poetry Festival in Monfalcone, Italy, to the Annual Meeting Of the South Tyrolean Writers Association in Bruneck, to the European Days Of Poetry Slam in Berlin, the Finals of the Annual All Czech Poetry Slam (all 2009). I was two times (2008/09) participant at the German International Poetry Slam (GIPS) the annual competition of all German Poetry Slammers with my Poetry Slam Team WUJAZZBANG and I will also participate this November in Bochum.
My texts were published in various slam anthologies and in literature magazines such as DUM and Lichtungen, and I'm currently working on my first book of poetry called 'Mundlandungen' (Mouthlandings – in German Mond=moon and Mund=mouth)

Wüdes Aug (viennese slang poem)

Wüdes Aug
Wüdes Aug
I renn zwischen die Dichter von da Stodt
mit an Wülden Aug

Des nächste Gsicht
Da nächste Rock
Kennt Die Solbn sein
für mei wüdes Aug

Wüde Nosn
Wüde Nosn
Heit hom sa se wieder eingspritzt med an teiren Parfum

Die Hawara grod a sou wie die Hosn
Im aufgstylten Dress
In Ihrm Alltagskostüm

Mei wüldes Aug stiert
in die offene Blusn
Mei wüde Nosn schmeckt
die Bereitschoft von Dir

Und in mein müden Hirn
Hot's auf anmol an Plottn
Und mei wüde Haund die greift noch Dir

Wüde Haund fohrt am Hols
Wüde Haund fohrt in Schritt
Und mei wüda wüda Schwaf
nimmt die gaunze Unschuld mit.

Wild Eye   Occio Selvaggio
wild eye
I'm runnning in between the artists of the town
with a wild eye

the next face
the next skirt
could be the balsam
for my wild eye

wild nose
wild nose
today they're fitted in there expensive parfumes
the boys in the same manner as the chicks
in their upstyled dress
there every-day masquerade

my wild eye
steers in the open blouse
my wilde nose
tastes the willingness of yours

and in my wild brain
there's a flat explosion
and my wild hand grab after you

wild hand grabs the throat
wild hand grabs in the crotch
and my wild wild dick grabs all your innocence

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